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Time2Thrive started with a vision and a dream during the first lockdown in 2020, through which Driné de Bruyn received clear instructions that she had to take hands with the community to make a difference.


According to The Spekboom Foundation, the spekboom’s “capacity to offset harmful carbon emissions is compared to that of moist, subtropical forests. This remarkable plant is unique in that it stores solar energy to perform photosynthesis at night. This makes a spekboom thicket 10 times more effective per hectare at carbon fixing than any tropical rainforest.”


Spekboom is an indigenous evergreen succulent plant which has shown amazing benefits to the environment. The plant helps remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by acting like a carbon sponge, improving the quality of air we breathe. More specifically, spekboom can absorb between four and ten tonnes of carbon per hectare.  This incredible tree uses carbon to make plant tissue and produce oxygen.


One of our aims is to plant the spekboom along the N1 from Cape Town (South Africa) to Beitbridge Border (Zimbabwe).

Why the Spekboom?

Spekboom, also known as Portulacaria afra, is a versatile, resilient succulent that is native to South Africa. It is commonly known as the miracle plant because of its numerous benefits. Here are some key benefits of spekboom:

Climate Change Mitigation

Spekboom is a very effective carbon sink with the ability to store up to four times more carbon than a typical forest.

Water Conservation

Spekboom is a drought-tolerant plant that can survive long periods of water scarcity.

It has the ability to purify groundwater, reduce soil erosion, and absorb more water than most plants

Low Maintenance

Spekboom is easy to propagate and requires very little maintenance.

It can be grown in a wide range of soils and climates and has a high survival rate.

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Wildlife Habitat

Spekboom provides a habitat for a variety of wildlife including insects, birds, and small mammals, making it an important component of biodiversity and ecosystem health.

Adding spekboom to your landscape can attract various species of indigenous insects and birds, providing a natural source of food and shelter to your backyard. This can play a crucial role in supporting the local wildlife and promoting a balanced ecosystem.

Additionally, spekboom is drought-tolerant and can grow in a variety of soils, making it a versatile plant that can be used in different types of landscapes. By incorporating spekboom into your surroundings, you can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment.

Our Vision

At Time2Thrive we have a clear vision of becoming the beacon of hope for those in need.

Our aim is to help individuals and communities facing challenges, hardships, and injustice to not just survive but to thrive. We believe that everyone deserves hope and we want to provide the necessary support and resources to make that possible.

Our approach to achieving this vision is multifaceted. We provide a range of programs and services that address the root causes of social and economic inequality, from education and training to providing platforms for community markets allowing locals to showcase their handmade crafts and homemade meals.

As the beacon of hope, we aim to provide a guiding light and a source of support for those in need. Through our programs and initiatives, we strive to empower individuals and communities to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential. We believe that by working together, we can create a brighter future and make a lasting impact.

Join us on this journey as we work towards a world where everyone has access to the resources and support they need to thrive. Thank you for supporting our mission to become the beacon of hope for those in need.

Time2Thrive NonProfit Team

Meet our Amazing Team!

Our team is made up of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about making a difference.

We work to raise awareness about the issues facing our communities and to aid those who need it most. We support a variety of important causes, ranging from environmental sustainability to social justice and beyond.

With a focus on innovation and collaboration, we believe in finding creative solutions to complex problems. We believe that everyone should have access to the basic needs of life, and we are committed to doing our part to make that a reality.

Drine de Bruyn

Drine de Bruyn

Team Leader

Christian de Bruyn

Christian de Bruyn

Operations Manager

Retha Slabber

Retha Slabber

Community Project Manager

Izelle Lewis

Izelle Lewis

Internal Audit

Pieter Slabber

Team Support

Ayesha Karim

Ayesha Karim

Project Leader - Spekboom Project

Ina Viljoen

Ina Viljoen

Marketing and Project Development Manager

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How Can We Help?

Join our efforts today and become a part of something truly meaningful.

Together, we can make real, lasting change and create a better world for future generations as we understand the importance of education in creating a better future.

That’s why we provide educational programs and resources to empower future generations with the knowledge and skills they need to be the change-makers in their communities.

Join us on this journey as we work towards a world where everyone has access to the resources and support they need to thrive.

Thank you for supporting our mission to become the beacon of hope for those in need.

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Every little bit helps, become involved and be the change you want to see in your community.

Make A Donation

Sponsor stall fees or some of the exhibitors.  Collect and distribute clothes to people in need.

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Volunteer your time and get involved in planing Spekboom trees.

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Provide food parcels to some of the vendors exhibiting at the community markets.

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